Yoga Experts

Yoga is a philosophical teaching originating from India, which works on a physical, mental and emotional level and is therefore a perfect way to balance physical and psychological needs. In our 1on1 sessions our yoga experts will guide through exercises (asanas), breathing techniques and meditations, to train mindfulness and body awareness and to stretch and strengthen your muscles. You will feel physically and mentally more balanced and resilient. 

Cost per session £ 50

Ralitsa Chepisheva

I consider myself as a heart-driven soul, that has gained experience in wellness and health fields on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level! Being a dancer my whole life , gifted me with the knowledge and awareness of the body on anatomical level. My interest in the science of human
Katarina Sokac

Hi, my name is Katarina and I am a personal trainer and a yoga teacher. ​ I want to work with you by helping you achieve your best self. Do you want to get strong? Have more endurance? ​Develop your mobility and flexibility? ​As a coach, I will be by your side. In my coaching, I combin
Bryony Noble
200 Hour YTT 40 Hour YTT
I thought I didn't like yoga. And then, while hunched over my desk studying my MA, I realised I needed to stretch so I chanced a class down the road from me. And through many different teachers I kept expanding my practice and my sense of self. You don't need to be anything other than you ar
Lena Shah
CPCAB and RYT 200
I am a Lena Shah, a Mindfulness and Yoga teacher, specialising in Yin Yoga and yoga for stress, trauma, burnout and anxiety. I am passionate about empowering others to discover their own impetus to freedom and fulfilment through body work, having changed my lifestyle and career after 14 years of wor