Healthy Minds Club offers a wide variety of wellbeing products & services that support Employers with a holistic wellbeing solution to proactively support their employees with personalised solutions to thrive both personally and professionally. 

We work with a variety of partners to offer a turnkey solution for Strategy, Measurement, Training & Tools and KPI measurement to demonstrate the true Return on Investment for an Employer proactively investing in the health & wellbeing of their employees. One size does not fit all and we can ensure that all budgets are best utilised for optimum results.

Wellbeing Strategy Consulting

It’s often difficult to know where to start with a large and diverse workforce with complex needs. Our gift card delivers exceptional results when it is part of a clear and defined wellbeing strategy. Our Expert team can support you to build and execute a holistic strategy via a structured approach to ensure the wellbeing strategy ensures delivery of a return on investment.  From Executive Sponsorship to a consistent and clear communications plan, including regular content from our Experts, measurement framework and tracking, wrapped around regular delivery of our Gift Cards and Positive Mental Health training. Healthy Minds Club is well placed to support you on the journey of implementing, measuring and consistently improving the wellbeing of your workforce to drive exceptional business performance and engaged, loyal and happy employees.


Wellbeing Training

With a holistic approach, we support our employers and employees to define what makes up and influences our mental health positively and negatively, how to build a personalised resilience plan for the mind, as well as the core elements of physical health affecting our mental health. This 4 step programme can be delivered in a 2 days course on site or via 6 webinars.



Wellbeing Measurement

The Wellbeing Index perfectly complements our employee wellbeing offering and provides Healthy Minds Club clients with a scientifically proven way of measuring and managing employee wellbeing.  The Wellbeing Index identifies individual employee wellbeing challenges though a short online questionnaire and defines the wellbeing of your workforce with suggested ways to move the dial.  Clients who sign up to this measurement programme can benefit from measuring the impact of their wellbeing programmes and their return on investment.


If you wish to get more information about our Wellbeing Services, drop us a line.