Gift Card Uses

Let it be a part of a corporate wellbeing strategy or an incentivation for your employees and customers, there are various ways to benefit from the Healthy Minds Club gift card program:

Wellbeing Strategy

Our Account Managers can support with a structured approach to delivery to ensure the wellbeing strategy achieves the desired return on investment. From Executive Sponsorship to a consistent and clear communications plan, including regular content from our Experts, measurement framework and tracking, wrapped around regular delivery of our Gift Cards.

Healthy Minds Club is well placed to support you on the journey of implementing, measuring and consistently improving the wellbeing of your workforce to drive exceptional business performance and happy employees.

Use the Healthy Minds Club gift card as part of a preventative wellbeing strategy. Healthy Minds Club offers a simple solution to a complex problem across a diverse workforce. One size doesn’t fit all so let our gift card empower your employees to build a personalised resilience toolkit with the appropriate qualified & insured Experts.



Say thank you to your employees and show you care with the gift of wellbeing. Our gift cards are suitable for all employees across a diverse workforce. Healthy Minds Club can help you to tailor a powerful message to your employees aligned with your company mission & vision and as part of a defined communications plan.


Turn around a negative situation by supporting the mental health & wellbeing of employees or customers who have suffered a set back or following a difficult situation by offering them a Healthy Minds Club gift card.

Employee Benefits

Healthy Minds Club gift card can sit within any Employee Benefits programme as part of a specific health & wellbeing category or as an optional choice in an existing benefit porfolio supporting and promoting positive mental health & wellbeing. Our gift card also qualifies for flexible benefits as part of the government healthcare screening programme. Employees choosing to purchase Healthy Minds Club gift cards through their salary, qualify for a reduction in national insurance contributions of 12% for standard rate taxpayers and 2% for higher rate taxpayers from their total monthly investment of gift card purchases.

Employee Incentives

Offer the Healthy Minds Club gift card from £10-£500 to incentivise your staff to drive a cultural change, a change in behaviour or to improve business performance. The Healthy Minds Club gift card can support employees to create a bespoke plan to support performance improvement by focussing on areas which may be holding them back, achieving an important life goal, improving health and fitness or simply just supporting them to learn how to take good care of themselves.

Trade Promotion Incentives

Offer the Healthy Minds Club gift card up to £500 to your customers to show how much you care and value them. Post pandemic many people continue to struggle with their mental health so by offering a Healthy Minds Club gift card to promote positive mental health you can drive customer loyalty, retention as well as driving brand advocacy by associating a gift which positively improves their life with your company.


How to Purchase

For Businesses:

Our gift cards are currently available in digital format for delivery either in bulk or directly to individuals. You can purchase from £10 to £500.

Our gift cards are available for Corporate companies to purchase from us directly. We would be delighted to help you with any business enquiry you have. Please complete the Contact form and one of our team will be in touch.

For Individuals:

You can either obtain a Gift Card through your employer or book directly without a Gift Card. Just simply pay with a Credit or Debit card when you book your session with your expert of choice.



spend your gift card

The Healthy Minds Club gift card provides employers with a simple but very effective way to empower employee wellbeing and most importantly positive mental health.

If you got a Healthy Minds Club gift card, please find your options below:


1. Check your balance

2. Spend your code.

There are two ways you can spend your code.

1. By following our clinically proven algorithm to direct you to the right expert type which would bring you the greatest benefit.

2. Choose your expert type & expert to suit you by browsing our site yourself.

Once you have chosen your expert:

  1. Select ‘Book’ on the expert page
  2. Fill in your details & pay using your gift code and an additional card (if required)
  3. Your chosen Expert will contact you within 1 working day to book an appointment or, you can book an appointment directly by following the link in the payment confirmation page
  4. The Expert may ask you a number of questions beforehand in order to ensure they provide the best value possible in your session
  5. Your session takes place.
  6. Complete our survey

Contact us for more information - we are happy to consult you on the different usages of our Gift Card!