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Healthy Minds Club is a multi Award Winning Well-Tech company offering the 1st personalised & proactive positive health & wellbeing platform and gift card.

Working with a panel of certified and highly qualified experts, products & services, Healthy Minds Club understands what makes up and influences our health & wellbeing and has built a methodology which identifies focus areas and key elements which could become a problem or already exist. Once identified, our mission is to connect our customers with the appropriate expert, product or service to support them in building their own personal positive health and wellbeing toolkit to prevent issues from happening in the first place.


We fully understand the pressures in the workplace which can drive stress, anxiety potentially lead to sickness, long term absences & employee churn.. We believe there is a huge gap in the corporate space in terms of understanding what mental health actually is and how to engage and empower employees to take care of their own health and wellbeing and to prevent issues from occurring.

Our products empower positive health & wellbeing enabling our users to thrive in their personal & professional lives. For employers, this offers huge benefits with increased engagement, productivity, customer satisfaction and ultimately business performance.

Press Releases

Healthy Minds Club partners with O.C.Tanner to offer UK’s 1st Positive Mental Health Gift Card

[London, UK]: Healthy Minds Club announced a new partnership with O.C. Tanner. This partnership will put wellbeing & positive mental health at the top of the agenda for O.C.Tanner and it’s customers in order to pioneer the industry with a focus on a prevention of mental health issues via a personalised employee approach.

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