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Lisa LLoyd

BSc (Hons), PGCE, MSc, CPsychol, HG.Dip.P
Great Milton, Oxfordshire
Life Coach
Leadership Coach
Resilience Coach
Confidence Coach
Stress Coach

Hi, I’m Lisa! I believe when we start to do things a little differently, we can achieve huge results. I founded It’s Time for Change after a career in psychology, psychotherapy and teaching to support organisations to become places where people are happy, engaged and able to perform My mantra is simple… When we get people right, we get business right. Being a chartered psychologist gives me a point of difference to understand what’s going on and enable change. I support leaders to create a workplace culture where they understand what is working, what isn’t and how to change it; where employees experience positive wellbeing and psychological safety; and where individuals’ emotional needs are met. I’m down-to-earth, providing practical support for people to overcome barriers to thriving. I use a range of methods including cognitive behavioural therapy, solution focused brief therapy, hypnotherapy and a unique perspective to problem solving. I specialise in helping people take control of their brain, creating behaviour change, building resilience, changing mindset and limiting beliefs, managing stress to reduce overwhelm and dealing with anxiety. I have a podcast, Beyond the Water Cooler and I’m proud to have been nominated for a number of awards and to feature in a range of publications, radio shows, podcasts and as a speaker at events. My intention is always clear; to guide people and businesses in what they can do to make the most significant positive impact for wellbeing, mental fitness and engagement. I’m passionate about my work but my biggest priority continues to be my family and I love throwing myself at life, being active outdoors and travelling in our campervan.