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Clare Richmond

Finsbury Park, London, Greater London
Life Coach
Leadership Coach
Resilience Coach

Clare is an, award winning Speaker, Life & specialist Behaviour Change Coach, & Social innovator. She is currently working on her first book Scavenger Leadership, Succeeding for less. I know there is huge hidden potential in everyone and every business & with the right conditions in place that potential can be released to achieve far more than we ever imagined possible. This belief is inspired by my work in grassroot innovation, founding a regeneration model working only with what was already available, and without any of the usual enticements, I experienced extraordinary results. I saw how much more people are capable of when given the right conditions to excel. So transformational was this experience that I went on to study a MA in Creative Leadership and train as a life coach. I now work with leaders and team’s to discover their own existing, often hidden potential and identify the best way to release it. Grassroot innovators build environments where everyone is able to perform at a sustained high level and contribute in a meaningful ways. They nurture open and creative environments that encourage learning and leadership qualities in all. These key elements I bring to my coaching practice where I aim to create a space that incubates possibility, self-belief and results in positive goal based action. A critical part of achieving potential is wellbeing and mental health, being able to manage the stress and anxiety of modern day living. Stress leads to many unhealthy coping strategies, from working too hard, being gym obsessed, reaching for glass of wine every evening, drug taking, Apps, online shopping, Gaming, looking for quick fixes that can turn into problematic habitual behaviours. Qualified in ground breaking Habit Changing Coaching, I help clients, change what they don’t like and enable them to create new ways of thinking and acting that will lead to positive, healthier, happier choices. It's all within reach, however difficult it may feel now.