Valentina Draghi

DipNT mBANT mANP certified LOW FODMAP diet expert
london, Greater London
Menopause Coach

I am a highly trained Nutritional Therapist who developed over the years an effective method to achieve your ideal weight and well-being by optimising your nutrition and by dismantling once and for all your bad habits and false beliefs about food. My mission is to provide simple science and smarter eating strategies to empower you to enjoy a healthy and successful lifestyle without any restrictive diet. I am a Registered Practitioner - DipNT mBANT mCHNC - based in London and in Italy but I have clients worldwide. Rather than do things the typical way, I’ve created a system designed around my patients’ needs. Each nutritional plan is unique and 100% personalised and tailored on your specific wishes and requirements. My areas of expertise are fertility, pregnancy, weight loss, Gut and digestive problems, hypertension and thyroid related conditions. I am certified and trained to support clients with IBS with Low FODMAP diet. I also researching and creating protocols for Anti-ageing and extending the health span. I work online and in-person, on-call or in safe clinical practices.