Claire King
Bristol, Bristol
Health Coach
Menopause Coach

So back in 2018 i was asked what my mission statement was, what did i want to contribute to the world ? My reply was " I want to inspire and encourage positive change in everyone I meet" and when I truly thought about it I realised that during my 20 plus years of teaching children and adults martial arts I had been extremely lucky to already be doing that. So I set myself a challenge to extend my knowledge and reach out to help as many people as possible, hence my decision to train as a Health Coach. I have been involved in martial arts and fitness all my life and love being active and as I got older I realised that good health and wellbeing is on so many levels. My goal is to help premenopausal and menopausal women experience fewer negative symptoms. I want to help you make positive, health promoting food and lifestyle changes that can potentially help your symptoms become manageable.