Cathy Houghton
, Devon
Personal Trainer
Health Coach
Mindfulness Coach
Menopause Coach

I am a Health and Movement coach to women from pre to post menopause. 

I specialise in 3 areas: weight loss, menopause movement and wellbeing, recovering from distressed / disordered eating,

I work with women who feel they have been battling their food and body size for perhaps decades. Women who have dieted many, many times, who may binge or compulsively eat, or feel out of control / obsessed around food. Women who want weight loss now mainly for health reasons, rather than looks. Women who are stressed, feel like life is out of balance, and are always chasing their tail.

All of this can be so much harder before, during and after the menopause.

I also love to help women who have reached midlife, perhaps never had a weight issue or a concern about nutrition before.  Perhaps approaching retirement, and want to invest in their wellbeing pension. Where to start on the best way to do this, how do we age healthily? That is where I come in.

My approach is based on 4 levels - we work on the practical (food, lifestyle, mindful eating); the mindset (changing habits & thinking patterns); the emotional (mind-body connection, awareness & acceptance); and personal training for exercise (efficient, functional, beneficial, enjoyable). 

Important words in my coaching are self-compassion, and empowerment. What fascinates me is the ripple effect. Make just 1 or 2 small healthful changes, then watch the impact of this on the rest of your life. Making positive changes feels good, why wouldn't you want more?

I believe that every client has it in them to be an expert on themselves, my job is to help them find that. I am here to help women Thrive, Flourish, and Blossom.