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Paul Brown
Hove, East Sussex
Life Coach
Meditation Expert
Health Coach
Men's Health Expert

Hi, my name's Paul and for many years now I've been supporting people from a diverse range of backgrounds to live with greater joy, passion, meaning and authenticity. I know (through my own journey as well as supporting others) that we are all capable of achieving considerably more than we currently give ourselves credit for - my passion is in helping amazing human beings like yourself reunite with the treasure that lies within. Often we know what we SHOULD be doing, but we're still not doing it. Sound familiar? If so then don't worry, it's incredibly common (and very easy to overcome with the right support!). Over the years I have tried and tested a wide range of approaches, tools and interventions (life coaching, NLP, meditation, mindfulness, embodiment practice - to name but a few) to come up with a highly effective toolkit that delivers results. When a trained mind is combined with an open heart, that's where the magic happens! (I previously qualified as an osteopath so understand well the interaction of mind and well, and navigating emotions such as stress, anger, anxiety and depression). . Whether you're feeling frustrated that there must be more to life, would like more confidence (in career or personal life) or authenticity (living a life true to your heart (ever feel like you're wearing a mask?), rather than one imposed by society and well-meaning friends and family), I'd love to hear from you.