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Alex Pett

CPCP (& NLP Cert)
Winchester, Hampshire
Resilience Coach
Confidence Coach
Stress Coach

Resilience is how able you are to bounce back (adapt) or bounce forward (transform). Resilience coaching is the process that builds those internal resources up. I’m Alex and I’m a resilience coach. I’m here to help you build a deeper connection to who you are and live in a way that empowers that every day by being more resilient.

Resilience coaching is a process that will be different for everyone because we all come at this with a unique combination of life experiences, what we were taught in childhood and what we believe about ourselves and the world. For you that could be:

  • Developing habits that nurture mental flexibility, such as emotional regulation.
  • Regularly getting outside your comfort zone to provide your mind with proof that transformation is possible. 
  • Building more confidence (it's a habit not a personality trait).
  • Learning how to gently deal with your nervous system when it’s disregulated so that you don’t get distracted or paralysed by a fight, flight freeze, fawn response. 
  • Learning ease with risk so that you can be resourceful even in challenging moments. 
  • Self -awareness that allows you to see what limits you place on yourself, as well as the habitual patterns and narratives that stop change from happening. And how to start moving past these.
  • Developing a deep understanding of you – what matters to you, what do you need to thrive, what are your biggest challenges?
  • Moving on from toxic shame and insidious social conditioning (e.g. “I’m too old to..” “I’m not supposed to..” “I shouldn’t..”)

Time and resources are limited for most of us and we can’t invest relentlessly in self-development. Resilience coaching builds the fire that can transform any area of your life, starting with how you feel about you. Being more resilient will give you energy, momentum and ideas for wherever you need to make a change. It's a powerful tool for professional development and career coaching as much as personal growth.

I focus on answering the “what is resilience and where do I need more of it” question fresh with every new client. Giving you permission and space to define this for yourself. Because action and progress are important – and your coaching experience should feel safe and grounded – I use a clear coaching structure (transformational coaching model). But all the details get filled in by you and your current needs. I offer support, guidance, advice and challenge and have a range of tools to help you, from NLP techniques to somatic coaching insights and powerful questioning.