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Annabel Gonifas

BA (Hons), PG Dip Prof Coach-Mentoring, EMCC Practitioner, Clarity4D Profiling
Loddiswell, Devon
Life Coach
Leadership Coach
Resilience Coach

Hi! I'm Annabel and as a Professional Coach, I help you maximise your potential in your professional and personal life.

Whether you're a founder, leader, manager, team member, wife, mother or simply and adult trying to navigate adulthood, I work with you on a person-centered basis, pulling on deep intuition and a wide range of tools to achieve your agreed goals and measure success.

My focus is for our coaching sessions to have a powerful impact so that you can overcome obstacles, create new thinking and become your best self, aligned with purpose and meaning.


  • Self-awareness and relationship building in induviduals and teams.
  • Empathy for your unique situation.
  • Intuitively take a holistic view-point.
  • Understand different cultures having lived a global life.
  • As a Personality Profile facilitator, we can on strength-led communication for greater results.


"I appreciated breaking the things down that are causing me stress, so these were really helpful ways to think about things and break everything down into manageable chunks and isolate what the problem is".HCB

"I have so many takeaways, but I think mostly I will remember the personality traits and how it effects my communication with my colleagues, seniors and the people I manage."RH

"For me, my major takeaway was that it's never too late to make a profound change to the way you approach and think about your time". LP