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Reduced Stress & Anxiety No long NHS waits for Wellbeing or Mental Health Support
Improved Health & Wellbeing Unlimited Access to Private GP’s for you & your family
Financial Wellbeing & Savings Access to Private GP’s Out of Hours and Around your Job (8am to 10pm)
Happiness & Purpose No Long GP Waits
Accelerated Personal Development No Costly Private GP Fees
Support to Hit your Life Goals Private Prescriptions



What is the sign up period?  
Minimum sign up period is 12 months. If payments stop before this then access including any credits will be deleted 

What is the cancellation policy? 
Cancellation can be served on month 11 to

What happens with the credits after month 12 ?
Credits roll over for 11 months, however if unspent by month 12, credits are lost. 

What can be purchased with the credits? 
The platform has a wide variety of products & services that will be personalised to you according to your values & focus areas. Credits can be used to purchase spa days, retreats, online courses, workshops, health testing, wellbeing products including (smart watches, yoga sets, candles, health monitoring products, massage products etc) 

Is there a fair use policy on the online GP service?
No, the service can be used as much as you or your family need. There are no restrictions.

Are the doctors qualified GP’s? 
Along with our Expert panel, we complete thorough due diligence on qualifications and insurance and all GP’s are fully qualified and registered with the BMA. 

Can I still see my own GP? 
Yes, we don’t advise that you use this as a replacement for your own GP or for emergency treatment or urgent conditions as this could delay necessary treatment. 
Still unsure? Request a call with one of the team & your question 


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