Gift Cards

The Healthy Minds Club gift card provides employers with a simple but very effective way to empower employee wellbeing and most importantly positive mental health.


1. Check your balance

2. Spend your code.

There are two ways you can spend your code.

1. By following our clinically proven algorithm to direct you to the right expert type which would bring you the greatest benefit.

2. Choose your expert type & expert to suit you by browsing our site yourself.

Once you have chosen your expert:

  1. Select ‘Book’ on the expert page
  2. Fill in your details & pay using your gift code and an additional card (if required)
  3. Your chosen Expert will contact you within 1 working day to book an appointment or, you can book an appointment directly by following the link in the payment confirmation page
  4. The Expert may ask you a number of questions beforehand in order to ensure they provide the best value possible in your session
  5. Your session takes place.
  6. Complete our survey


How to Purchase

For Businesses:

Our gift cards are currently available in digital format for delivery either in bulk or directly to individuals. You can purchase from £10 to £500.

Our gift cards are available for Corporate companies to purchase from us directly. We would be delighted to help you with any business enquiry you have. Please complete the Contact form and one of our team will be in touch.

For Individuals:

You can either obtain a Gift Card through your employer or book directly without a Gift Card. Just simply pay with a Credit or Debit card when you book your session.