Our digital gift card is the perfect solution to help employees on their positive mental health journey. For example:

Wellbeing Strategy

Our Account Managers can support with a structured approach to delivery to ensure the wellbeing strategy achieves the desired return on investment. From Executive Sponsorship to a consistent and clear communications plan, including regular content from our Experts, measurement framework and tracking, wrapped around regular delivery of our Gift Cards.

Healthy Minds Club is well placed to support you on the journey of implementing, measuring and consistently improving the wellbeing of your workforce to drive exceptional business performance and happy employees.

Use the Healthy Minds Club gift card as part of a preventative wellbeing strategy. Healthy Minds Club offers a simple solution to a complex problem across a diverse workforce. One size doesn’t fit all so let our gift card empower your employees to build a personalised resilience toolkit with the appropriate qualified & insured Experts.

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Employee Benefits

Healthy Minds Club gift card can sit within any Employee Benefits programme as part of a specific health & wellbeing category or as an optional choice in an existing benefit porfolio supporting and promoting positive mental health & wellbeing. Our gift card also qualifies for flexible benefits as part of the government healthcare screening programme. Employees choosing to purchase Healthy Minds Club gift cards through their salary, qualify for a reduction in national insurance contributions of 12% for standard rate taxpayers and 2% for higher rate taxpayers from their total monthly investment of gift card purchases.


Say thank you to your employees and show you care with the gift of wellbeing. Our gift cards are suitable for all employees across a diverse workforce. Healthy Minds Club can help you to tailor a powerful message to your employees aligned with your company mission & vision and as part of a defined communications plan.


Offer a Healthy Minds Club gift card up to £500 as an incentive for performance improvement or acceleration, or to your consumers as an incentive to increase sales, change behaviour or gather data & feedback.


Turn around a negative situation by supporting the mental health & wellbeing of employees or customers who have suffered a set back or following a difficult situation by offering them a Healthy Minds Club gift card.