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Healthy Minds Club partners with Prezzee

Healthy Minds Club partners with Prezzee

[London, UK]: Healthy Minds Club today announced a new partnership with Prezzee. This partnership will leverage the UK’s first positive health & wellbeing Well-Tech platform and Gift Card to drive consumer and employee engagement, adding a new and unique product to the Prezzee’s portfolio. 

Kathy Heath, CEO and Co-Founder of Healthy Minds Club says “We are delighted to be working with Prezzee – one of the largest suppliers of employees and consumers rewards, incentives and gifting management platforms worldwide. We are excited to add real value to their wide and varied customer base by promoting positive health & wellbeing and begin to make a real difference to their corporate clients and employees. Post pandemic and in the current economic climate, proactive health and wellbeing solutions are key to prevent sickness, absence and to ensure that individuals and businesses survive and thrive. We are pleased to be able to offer our unique and essential solution to the wide and varied customer base that Prezzee’s supports.

James Malia, MD of Prezzee UK says “in the current climate, it’s clear we need to support consumers and employers to proactively tackle their health & wellbeing. The Healthy Minds Club is a unique & growing proposition that will enable us to support our customers to do just that. Support and reward need to be as much about personal wellbeing and experience as buying goods, and working with Healthy Minds Club is a big step toward delivering this. We are looking forward to a positive collaboration to make a real difference to our customers, their employees and consumers.

About Healthy Minds Club: Healthy Minds Club is an Multi Award Winning  Well-Tech company offering the 1st personalised & proactive positive health & wellbeing platform and gift card. Healthy Minds Club is dedicated to supporting its customers to prevent mental health issues by identifying potential root causes and enabling the creation of a bespoke resilience plan. We connect our gift card holders and members with certified & qualified experts, products & services to enable them to build a personalized resilience toolkit to manage stress & anxiety, health & wellbeing and enhance personal development.

About Prezzee:  Prezzee is a leading global eGift card platform with operations in North America, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. Every day gift giving made simple, personal by sending a digital gift card from over 300 retail brands to friends and family around the world in seconds, personalised with your own video!