Heart based living

Heart based living

The human heart, in addition to its other functions, actually possesses a heart-brain composed of about 40,000 neurons that can sense, feel, learn and remember. (Source:HeartMath)

The heart guides us from a place of authenticity and love whereas the brain focuses more on “shoulds”, fear and ego. 💫

The ego always craves comfort and security, whilst the heart seeks passion and a sense of being alive. 🔥

Heart-centered meditation can help us peel back the layers of ego-based desires, going within our true selves, enabling us to make choices more aligned with our inner values, not based on what others expect of us or what we ought to be doing. 💫?

Of course, some circumstances and having co- dependents doesn’t always allow for short-term radical lifestyle changes as they may put others’ wellbeing at risk but tapping into the heart is a strong place to begin, with a view of slowly making small steps towards living congruently and fearlessly with our true desires. 💜💚🌱

Heart-Based Practice:

Either seated or lying down, focus your awareness on your heart as you breathe.

Imagine as you inhale your heart is expanding with loving kindness and sending that love and kindness all through your body.

As you exhale, you are letting go of anything that needs to leave, making room for more loving kindness, joy, and gratitude.

As you breathe, imagine the breath is carrying appreciation and gratitude towards your heart. Acknowledge the work your heart is doing for you as you breathe, it’s beating, pumping blood around your body, keeping you alive. Appreciate its wisdom and intelligence.

Heart-based meditation guide

Note to remember:

As with any practice, please remember if any trauma or retriggering begins to arise, the particular practice may not be suitable for you at the moment. You always have a choice, the power, to stop that particular practice and try an alternative one until you are ready to re-embrace it again. Never force yourself into a place of feeling unsafe.

Spend 5 minutes, or longer, a day doing this heart practice as a way to say thank you, sending love to your blessed, loving heart.

Perhaps thoughts, or feelings arose during this practice. Perhaps a tough decision came to your mind after doing this practice.

Perhaps you were able to recognize some sadness or suffering you had previously avoided. Embrace this pain and sadness, let it be and love it, nurture it rather than pushing it away. Accept its presence and perhaps feel it start to soften as you develop a regular heart-based meditation practice.

I am still learning and enjoying the journey … I hope you are too 🙏🏽🌈

By @Lena Shah