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How to introduce the habit of Meditating?

How to introduce the habit of Meditating?

According to James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, there are a few steps that we can take to help us introduce a new habit successfully.

  1. Make it obvious
  2. Make it attractive
  1. Make it easy
  2. Make it satisfying

Below, I have highlighted 10 tips that can help:

  1. Think about how you can associate the habit of meditating with another habit that you already do daily. For example, would meditating before or straight after your breakfast work for you?
  2. Can you set a reminder on your phone so you can meditate at the same time every day?
  3. Would meditating in a group helps you initially rather than doing this on your own? Could you join a meditation group online or somewhere near you?
  4. Meditating in an environment that brings the sensations you are looking for when meditating, such as tranquility, peace, and connection will motivate you even more. Choose your space wisely to avoid distractions.
  5. Can you set up a place at home that you can associate with your meditation practice? For example, a corner in your room, office, garden, etc. You could decorate it in a way that feels so welcoming that you feel motivated to practice regularly. What sound, smell, colours could you use?
  6. Could you have a friend, partner or family member join you so you can motivate each other?
  7. Give yourself the space and time to embrace this new habit. Just because it was not easy the first time, it does not mean this is not for you.
  8. Try exploring different meditating apps. Currently, there are so many free resources that you can explore to help you get started. You don´t need to meditate on your own.
  9. There are different types of meditation as well. Visualization, affirmations, body scan, with music, without music, different tone of voice, movement, stillness, etc. Try different approaches and see what suits you best.
  10. To start off, I would suggest shorter meditations, such as 5 – 10 minutes, and then gradually increase.

Remember, meditating does not mean that you will not be thinking about anything. Ultimately, meditating will help us manage our thoughts better so that even when the mind wanders, we are in a better state to acknowledge and return to the present moment.

Hope you find these tips useful and embrace this new practice with a joyful heart!

@Diana Osorio