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Stress Management

The Workplace Health Report of 2023 states that 76% of employees report moderate-to-high or high levels of stress. Feeling balanced and able to cope with stressful situations is essential to stay mentally and physically healthy. Stress is one of the most overlooked reasons for diseases. Our experts support you in finding out stressors that you are currently dealing with and help you to calm down your nervous system. They also motivate you to build your own resilience toolkit to be prepared when you get into stressful phases again. Having a toolkit in place will support your longevity, your overall health and happiness. 

Cost per session £ 100

Keith Dewey
B.Sc. Cog Sci, MBPS, MNCH (Reg), NLP Prac, BWRT, ADCH, MNSP
Keith will quickly help you to improve your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, by working directly with your powerful subconscious mind. He can help you to reduce fear, anxiety, anger, stress, traumatic memories and unwanted habits. Changes can be quick. You can feel better every day. Book now.
Diana Osório
Certified Coach, , NLP Pract. , MBSR, BA (Hons), PG dip
I am a certified Life Coach and am passionate about empowering people in their transformation through the work of the Body, Mind and Heart. I help people gain the Mindset they need to overcome self-doubt and have an unshakable belief in themselves so they can confidently live the life they desire.
Lisa LLoyd
BSc (Hons), PGCE, MSc, CPsychol, HG.Dip.P
Hi, I’m Lisa! I believe when we start to do things a little differently, we can achieve huge results. I founded It’s Time for Change after a career in psychology, psychotherapy and teaching to support organisations to become places where people are happy, engaged and able to perform.
Alex Pett
CPCP (& NLP Cert)
Alex is an experienced resilience coach, with a practice that covers everything, from building back from burnout to tackling low self-esteem, life changes, imposter syndrome, personal relationships and career goals.
Helen Neale
Helen is a qualified counsellor, and member of the British Association of Counselling Professionals. She is a person centred counsellor, and knows that life can be tough sometimes, and that you might need support, and a safe place to talk about anything at all that you are struggling with. No judgem
Heather Dempster
BSc. Hons.
Heather Dempster set up her business (Javelin Success) in 2010 and is an accomplished and experienced Executive and Life Coach, Trainer and Mentor with extensive experience in the public, private and third sectors. Specialises in personal development and transformation, mental health and EI
Jo Howarth
BA(Hons) Psych, DABCH, GQHP, MCAHyp
Jo Howarth is an advanced hypnotherapist and mindfulness practitioner, she runs The Happiness Club and she teaches people how to look after their mental health and emotional wellbeing. She has two beautiful daughters, two gorgeous cats and one very naughty dog. The Happiness Club is a monthly mem
George Anderson
George Anderson is a wellbeing and performance expert. A speaker, coach and writer, he works with individuals to help them take more action towards improving their physical and mental wellbeing, resilience and performance.
Helen Morris
I am a qualified Menopause Coach, Mindfulness Teacher and Resilience Coach specialising in workplace well-being (after undergoing an early menopause). I am dedicated to using my experience to help others realise their potential in midlife and beyond, utilising online coaching.
Fiona Johnson

Hi, my name is Fiona Johnson, I am a well-being life coach, healthy weight coach, breakthrough coach, NLP practitioner, timeline therapist accredited with the Association for Coaching and the NHS Personalised Care Institute. I am also a Mental Health First Aider (MHFA England). I hold a full enha
Susan Griffiths
Assoc.CIPD, Cert NLP Trainer, NLP Master Practitioner
Connection to self and building self awareness is an important part of self development. I am Susan, I spent years unknowingly, suffering with stress and my nervous system was constantly on high alert. I value the difference in how I feel and now I want to help you.