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Life Coaching

Our Life Coaches are fully certified in order to empower individuals by helping them make, meet and exceed goals in both their personal & professional lives. A life coach can help to address Goals, Values, Beliefs (which may be limiting and completly untrue) in order to enable an individual to truly flourish in their personal goals and purpose in life. At work this will enable individuals to perform to their best. At home, it enables them to be truly happy and content in their lives.

Cost per session £ 100

Jo Sfakiotakis

Hi my name is Jo! I work with people that are looking to make a change to their life or wellbeing and need some help getting motivated and clearing through anything holding them back. Working with me as your coach will be the most wholehearted and powerful investment you will make for yourself.
Annabel Gonifas
BA (Hons), PG Dip Prof Coach-Mentoring, EMCC Practitioner, Clarity4D Profiling
Annabel is a Professional Coach, helping people achieve clarity, gain headspace and maximise their potential in their professional and personal lives.
Sam Bishop
MA, MBACP (Accred), PGDipCS, PGDipC
My passion is people and I thrive when I am able to facilitate self-growth, helping individuals identify and overcome their challenges. I am an Accredited Psychotherapist and Performance Psychologist and Coach.
Heather Dempster
BSc. Hons.
Heather Dempster set up her business (Javelin Success) in 2010 and is an accomplished and experienced Executive and Life Coach, Trainer and Mentor with extensive experience in the public, private and third sectors. Specialises in personal development and transformation, mental health and EI
Andrew Jenkins
MSc BSc CEng. MNCP (Snr. Accred.) NLP & Hypn Master Pract. INLPTA & ANLP. Hypth Dip. GHR Reg GQHP (GHSc) NRH
Aged 42, I kick-started PDX, to evangelise high-performance teamwork from the inside-out - a radical new idea linking coaching, soft skills, EQ, Psychotherapy and mindset to forge thriving workplaces.
Wayne Cullen

I help extraordinary people maximise their potential. I coach them on their careers, their work and their lives. I love taking creative and passionate individuals who want to make a difference to their next level of success, whatever that means for them. Also, I am the founder of the Pioneering
Melissa Kuman
NLP Pract, ANLP, AFN, RNutr Nutritionist BSc (Hons), Certified Life Coach
Hi, I am Melissa, a Certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Nutritionist as featured in Women’s Health Magazine and BBC Radio. I can help you transform your health through bespoke meal plans, bespoke coaching and mindset reprogramming. I will look forward to meeting you!
Jo Carter
Dip. Counselling, Dip. (Life Coaching) S.N.H.S.
Hi. I'm a qualified Life Coach and Person-Centred Counsellor, wife and mum, with a passion for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. I offer you a safe, confidential environment where you will feel deeply heard and completely accepted....a powerful recipe for healing.
Helen Morris
I am a qualified Menopause Coach, Mindfulness Teacher and Resilience Coach specialising in workplace well-being (after undergoing an early menopause). I am dedicated to using my experience to help others realise their potential in midlife and beyond, utilising online coaching.
Keith Dewey
B.Sc. Cog Sci, MBPS, MNCH (Reg), NLP Prac, BWRT, ADCH, MNSP
Keith will quickly help you to improve your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, by working directly with your powerful subconscious mind. He can help you to reduce fear, anxiety, anger, stress, traumatic memories and unwanted habits. Changes can be quick. You can feel better every day. Book now.
Diana Osório
Certified Coach, , NLP Pract. , MBSR, BA (Hons), PG dip
I am a certified Life Coach and am passionate about empowering people in their transformation through the work of the Body, Mind and Heart. I help people gain the Mindset they need to overcome self-doubt and have an unshakable belief in themselves so they can confidently live the life they desire.
Shirley Rose
Bsc. Hons
I’m Shirley Rose, Psychic Coach. With the use of my psychic gifts, I help you create a plan that is aligned with your true self. Enabling you to live your most productive, spiritual, peaceful life.
Lisa Avery
Lisa is a positive psychologist, coach, & speaker, who uses positive psychology - the science of optimal human functioning - in an array of settings. Her past projects have involved the design & delivery of interventions to clients in Education, Government, the NHS, charities, & the corporate world.
Clare Richmond
Clare is an, award winning Speaker, Life & specialist Behaviour Change Coach, & Social innovator. She is currently working on her first book Scavenger Leadership, Succeeding for less. I know there is huge hidden potential in everyone and every business & with the right conditions in pla
Susan Griffiths
Assoc.CIPD, Cert NLP Trainer, NLP Master Practitioner
Connection to self and building self awareness is an important part of self development. I am Susan, I spent years unknowingly, suffering with stress and my nervous system was constantly on high alert. I value the difference in how I feel and now I want to help you.
Alka Patel
Hi! I'm Alka - I'm a Doctor, Coach, Speaker, Author and Podcaster who helps you discover, notice and activate who you are, what you want and where you are going so that you can create compassionate lifestyle changes for happy, healthy living.
Lisa LLoyd
BSc (Hons), PGCE, MSc, CPsychol, HG.Dip.P
Hi, I’m Lisa! I believe when we start to do things a little differently, we can achieve huge results. I founded It’s Time for Change after a career in psychology, psychotherapy and teaching to support organisations to become places where people are happy, engaged and able to perform.
Sonya Dibbin

Sonya Dibbin is a qualified Forest Therapy, EcoNidra and Mindfulness Teacher. Experience radical relaxation with her unique, nature-inspired voyages through your senses, your body and the earth. Return to your ancestral ways, journey through mystery and magic and fall in love with Mother Nature.
Dean Coulson

Dean is a high performance coach, speaker and author who help's business leaders, CEO's and executives optimise their health and performance to create a thriving life without the stress, anxiety, overwhelm and self limiting beliefs so that they can experience more fun, freedom and fulfilment.
Ashley Meerloo
MA, BA (Hons), NLP
I connect or reconnect YOU to YOUR 'Why' ... what is often called your 'Purpose'. It is without doubt a fundamental 1st step ... when you truly know who you are and your purpose, then other key factors in your life such as career, relationships and health & wellbeing come into focus.
Pauline Mahu

Hi, I’m Pauline!  As a certified life coach my mission is to guide women to gain the clarity they need in order to flourish both in their life and career. Through various tools and techniques you will learn to break old habits and to set inspirational and achievable goals.
Paul Brown

Hi, my name's Paul and for many years now I've been supporting people from a diverse range of backgrounds to live with greater joy, passion, meaning and authenticity. I know (through my own journey as well as supporting others) that we are all capable of achieving considerably more than we c
Fiona Johnson

Hi, my name is Fiona Johnson, I am a well-being life coach, healthy weight coach, breakthrough coach, NLP practitioner, timeline therapist accredited with the Association for Coaching and the NHS Personalised Care Institute. I am also a Mental Health First Aider (MHFA England). I hold a full enha
Mark Abraham
After graduating from The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst Mark had key leadership roles in the UK and abroad. These included being a Director at the Defence Academy, teaching leadership to the Armed Forces and civilian future leaders. He was the head of Employment for 3 years before moving back to
Marlena O'Donnell
MA, NLP Pract.
I am a certified life coach, mentor and motivational speaker specialising in freeing my clients from beliefs that are not serving them well and helping them create success in all aspects of life, including career, relationships and wellbeing. My clients tell me: “I’m not good enough”, “I lack con
George Anderson
George Anderson is a wellbeing and performance expert. A speaker, coach and writer, he works with individuals to help them take more action towards improving their physical and mental wellbeing, resilience and performance.