Our Experts sit across multiple disciplines which positively influence our mental health & wellbeing tackling all aspects of our mind & mindset which make up our mental health. This includes Goals, Values, Beliefs, Mindset, Genetics, Personality type, Resilience level, Physical fitness, nutrition and wellbeing etc.

Each of our experts has been specially chosen with the ability to focus on tackling and enabling positive mental health and are leading experts in their field. Healthy Minds Club has screened these experts to ensure they have the relevant experience, methodologies and the highest qualifications supporting the Healthy Minds Club mission.

If you would like us to help you source the right expert for you simply complete our questionnaire.

Financial Experts
Health Coaches
Leadership Coaches
Life Coaches
Meditation Experts
Menopause Coaching
Mindfulness Coaches
Personal Trainers
Resilience Coaching
Yoga Experts

Hear from our experts

"Breathing & Stretching"

Varsha Khatri - Yoga Teacher & Nutritionist @ Healthy Minds Club

"Stress Management"

George Anderson- Life Coach & Personal Trainer @ Healthy Minds Club


"5 Minute Guided Meditation"

Diana Osario - Meditation Expert & Life Coach @ Healthy Mindsclub

Your Investment

To keep it very simple for everyone we have agreed a flat fee with all our experts. Each session will take around an hour and further sessions can be booked in the future either through us here at Healthy Minds Club or directly with your Expert after you’ve had your initial session.

You can either pay in full using your gift code or if the value isn’t quite what you need to pay for a session you can always pay the additional fee with a credit or debit card at check out.

We are excited to be adding more categories to the Club in the future so please ensure you visit us regularly to check it out.

We have 3 price levels:


Meditation Expert
Yoga Expert
Personal Trainer


Health Coach 
Financial Expert
Menopause Coach


Life Coach
Mindfulness Coach
Leadership Coach
Resilience Coach