Our Nutrition experts typically work on the individual needs to teach about general nutrition, food and healthy diet. Their focus is on food behavior which includes working to devise and implement meal plans that improve the individual's or family's nutrition in order to create a healthy lifestyle and physical wellbeing. 

Cost per session £ 100

Valentina Draghi
DipNT mBANT mANP certified LOW FODMAP diet expert
I am a highly trained Nutritional Therapist who developed over the years an effective method to achieve your ideal weight and well-being by optimising your nutrition and by dismantling once and for all your bad habits and false beliefs about food.
Varsha Khatri
Varsha Khatri’s approach to healing and living a healthy life is through the principles of Ayurveda, nutrition, health education, and yoga. She passionately believes that we make choices each day, and these decisions influence our health.
Melissa Kuman
NLP Pract, ANLP, AFN, ANutr Nutritionist BSc (Hons), Certified Life Coach
Hi, I am Melissa, a Certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Nutritionist as featured in Women’s Health Magazine and BBC Radio. I can help you transform your health through bespoke meal plans, bespoke coaching and mindset reprogramming. I will look forward to meeting you!