Personal Trainers

Our fully qualified Personal Trainers focus on enabling the achievement of fitness goals by focusing on a combination of mindset development, coaching, action planning as well as offering nutrition & food plans and exercise plans to enable you to achieve your fitness & wellbeing goals.

Cost per session £ 50

Julie Green

Julie is a Women’s Wellness Coach specialising in Pilates, Holistic Core Restore Pelvic Health Programmes, and Holistic Therapies. Her business was set up to share her own experiences and to share her passion for holistic health and wellness with others. Through her range of services Julie hel
Rhian Martin

Rhian set up her own fitness business to inspire, motivate and help people achieve their health, fitness and performance goals, as well as mentoring and providing support to individuals looking to improve.
Grant Smith
Pilates coach and Personal trainer
I'm a level 4 personal trainer, who's obsessed with bio-mechanics. If you move in a way that a human is supposed to move when fully developed, you will have the highest likelihood of looking good, feeling good, and doing that over a very long period of time.
George Anderson
George Anderson is a wellbeing and performance expert. A speaker, coach and writer, he works with individuals to help them take more action towards improving their physical and mental wellbeing, resilience and performance.
Jackie Grant

Jackie Grant is Menopause & Weight Loss Coach. She is a Advanced Personal trainer & Menopause Health Coach . She is passionate about the empowering of women to move through their transition to midlife with ease. Her own hormonal journey started with discovering she had PCOS at the ag
Chris O'Neill

Hi everyone my name is Chris O'Neill I’ve been in the fitness industry for 17 years, my passion is to help people change their lives in the simplest and most realistic way possible. I believe everyone deserves the right to good health and to be happy with themselves inside and out.
Cathy Houghton

I coach women, particularly those age 40 plus, to find peace around food, balanced wellbeing, energising movement. Build a better relationship with food and your body, end overeating, find sustainable weight loss for life, calm your stress response, nourish yourself in the best way for you.
Katarina Sokac

Hi, my name is Katarina and I am a personal trainer and a yoga teacher. ​ I want to work with you by helping you achieve your best self. Do you want to get strong? Have more endurance? ​Develop your mobility and flexibility? ​As a coach, I will be by your side. In my coaching, I combin
Paul Winton
Level 3 personal trainer
I am a level 3 Personal Trainer with a military background and keen interest in health and wellness.  I also hold a level 4 strength and conditioning qualification.  I believe we are all capable of more than we think if we are willing to step out of our comfort zone. 
Tracy Trew (prev Macey)

Experienced personal trainer supporting clients with weight management, corrective exercise for aches and pains and weight training from beginner to bodybuilder. Being healthy and fit means different things to different people. I take the time to understand what you want to achieve.